Electric to Gas Conversion Services

Electric to Gas Conversion Services

In Charlotte, NC

There’s no denying the benefits of having gas-powered appliances in your home, from gas water heaters to a gas oven range. At IRV Plumbing, Electric & HVAC , our licensed electricians can install gas lines and appliances by converting your Charlotte area home from electric to gas.

Give us a call today to learn more about our Charlotte electric to gas appliance conversion services. We’ll help you find out if installing a gas line is available in your neighborhood, and then we’ll get started on the installation process. Let us help you add gas appliances to your Charlotte area home.

If you’ve always dreamed of adding gas-powered appliances to your home, then the first step is to determine whether this is a possibility in your area. This can be easily determined by contacting your local gas company. We will then need to add a gas line to your Charlotte home before you can install that new gas oven range. Once our licensed electricians have outfitted your home with a new gas line, we can help you to install your new appliances, from gas ranges to water heaters and more.

Our Electric to Gas Appliance Conversion Services Include:

  • Gas appliance installation
  • Gas line installation and maintenance
  • Electric to gas conversion
  • Gas furnace installation

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